Album available on vinyl and digitally

The album incl 1st single ” What Am I ? ” have been picking great support from tastemakers, dj’s & radio’s around the world.

Stereo MCs ” great vibe like it thanks “

Minnie Dipple ” Excellent, there’s a lot of new funk around and for the most part it’s passable, but this is special, deep, experimental, musical,love this album. This album is an 11. “

Etienne Champagne ( Rythmologie CISM 89,3FM Montreal) ” Was waiting for that one since I’ve heard the first single! explosive! That LP is simply awsome”.

Radio BSOTS ” The single “What Am I” really needs to be heard within the context of this album. This is a cohesive work, inspired in part by The Purple One, but by no means a derivative creation. There is a future funk tradition embedded within these grooves that needs to be heard, particularly on “Citylights.”

Julien Ren (Le Mellotron) “Great project “

Ashley Beedle (Ninja Tune)” Interesting selection of tracks. Refreshingly different. Would be brilliant for synching on Netflix! I’m on 100% :)”.

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) “CRAAAZY”

Aja (Ketch a Vibe) “Love this bass laiden beauty !!!!!”.

Phil Badiz (Brazil) “Funky shades of “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” … classy heavyweight boggie bring on the album!”.

Album bio.
“Resurrect Prince Send him to Tokyo for a couple of years on steroids.. Then sent him to Abdullah S and maybe this is what is would sound like..!!?? “ – Thomas Vibe, National Radio Denmark

The experienced multi instrumentalist, composer and singer Jeppe Saugmann, is the man behind Abdullah S. His love for 60’s and 70’s Funk, electronic music & boogie is the foundation of his psychedelic-soul/funk music. The record is funny, different, cool, strange and funky as fuck.
Abdullah S’ self-produced universe of flavors grounded in funk, r&b & boogie with added with inspirations from Detroit techno & UK bass music in is no traditional sound out of Denmark.

Abdullah S has toured // recorded // produced with a varieity of artists incl dj Vadim, KRS ONE, Jay Dee protegees Frank – N – Dank, Percee P, LootPack ( Madlib, Wildchild & dj Romes ), Dj Vadim, Camille Jones, Den Sorte Skole, Boot Camp Click, Track 72 & legendary danish movie producer & poet Jørgen Leth along with a long list of local artists. Abdullah S was also 1/3 of the supergroup Booty Cologne ( Album 2007 become digitally avail june 2019 ). He is awarded and respected throughout the community by the young ones, the old ones and everybody in between.

Abdullah S is currently recording a lot of new music to be released continuously over the next year + as well as adding re-mixes. Touring of the back of the album from april 2019 with a 6 piece combo + and handful of really old beat & bass machines.
Others singles are “ The Boy’s A Junkie “, 2 Damn Hot, but this album is also highly recommend to experience as full suite.

First single “Who Am I ?“ has received worldwide support from the likes of Jazz FM, Blackwax, Simbad, Stereo MC’s, Kiss FM, Horse Meat Disco and many more.

// Lovin’ the fat bass and the whole vibe // FUNKY!! // This is one hell of a funk fest! // Wicked vibes, bit on that 313 tip // Love it pure funk // Great vibe like it thanks // I really like it I will play it for sure! // It sounds like fire ! // CRAAAZY // Love this bass maiden beauty !!!!!! // this is bangin! // What Amazing layers of sounds // So good ! // Sounds great ! //

Psycadelic Funk & Clubmusic for your headphones with layers of bass & synth, analog yet electronic. The music will be enjoyed as a full play by anybody with love for Moodymann, Prince, P-Funk, D’Angelo, UK garage, Pink Floyd, Punk, classic blues & jazz and synth soundscapes. Music history is heavy here, yet its is contemporary.

We Are Lit Music // 

Released March 29, 2019